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In Australia, we put the spotlight on women’s health issues every October, primarily raising awareness for Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer. This month marks the peak of fundraising efforts for the year for both causes. 

The statistics are concerning, but with more research into treatment and prevention, improved testing, women checking their own bodies on a regular basis, and annual check-ups with their GP and Gynaecologist, we hope to see the numbers improve.


In August 2010, a friend and former colleague of mine, Jen Sheridan, was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Jen is one of those people who always seems to have a positive outlook on life – a funny, down-to-earth, intelligent woman whose courage and strength always inspires me. As so many other women have experienced, she was in for the fight of her life.

So began a 5 year cycle comprised of 6 months of chemotherapy, and check-ups every 3 months which included a rotation of MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, and colonoscopies at each visit. After reaching the 5-year mark, she was discharged by her Doctor and declared officially in remission, and remains free and clear of the disease. Follow-up tests are still required, even 10 years on from her original diagnosis.


Off on an adventure…

Having kicked cancer to the curb, Jen decided it was time to shake things up a little. She spent 8 months travelling solo all over Latin America, without knowing a word of Spanish before she left. After returning to Perth for a year, Jen decided it was time to hit the road again and spent the next 6 months experiencing life in South-East Asia and Europe.

All of her friends (including me, I might add) lived vicariously through her Instagram posts. Jen’s smile, infectious laugh, and love of life are enough to lift anyone’s spirits. Although her wings are currently clipped due to COVID-19, I’m sure there are plenty more adventures waiting for her on the horizon. 


Looking for a cause…

While living life to the fullest, Jen started looking for a sexy, cool cause that supported research and treatment for bowel cancer… Surprisingly enough, her search turned up empty. So she set her sights on women’s health issues and is now in her 7th year of supporting Frocktober, the proceeds of which benefit the OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund).

One woman dies from ovarian cancer in Australia every eight hours, and no early detection test is available.

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

It’s a simple premise really – a Frocktober fundraiser dons 31 different frocks * throughout the month of October to entertain donors and raise much-needed funds and awareness to this disease. Pictured above, you’ll see a few of Jen’s most inspired looks complete with wigs, accessories, makeup and props. Some of her ensembles were borrowed, while others were acquired from Perth’s finest vintage shops.

* Note: a ‘Frock’ is a dress in Australian slang.

Currently ranked #7 on the Frocktober individual leaderboard, there is still time to support Jen. As a bonus, contributors who provide their email address get access to Jen’s diary entries explaining each look plus a photo of the frock of the day. I guarantee you will be entertained!

We need your support…

If you can spare a donation for a worthy cause, please visit her page by 7 November 2020 to contribute:

If you would like more information, please visit the OCRF site to find out about ovarian cancer and the statistics surrounding this disease:

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